This is the Last Post of my Green Beans blog => book

Some things have happened since I finished this blog-to-book project.  I've become more comfy at turning a literal page in my life's book, closing out the postvention chapter and opening up the resilience chapter.

For the past three weeks my friend and I have been hiking Serpent's Trail every other day, and we are in such better shape already!

Each Wednesday my church is letting me host a Laughter "Yoga" group. I'm creating an 8 week Practical Wellness course. One of my grandsons and I have been talking about 3 of our favorite things each time we see each other.

I heard the cheep-cheep of a hummingbird yesterday morning, and then I saw a seven canyon wrens fly by me and up a beautiful little box canyon. 

The blog post explaining my reasons and research are on the Resiliency blog.

If you're just stumbling upon this blog for the first time, you can find the entire blog - "What if it's Green Beans?" -  in print at Amazon after Sept 10th, 2018.

I wish you peace.

Erica KitzmanComment