Not Gonna Say “IT”


21 Apr 2017

It is a symptom. Get a blood test. Get a physical.
Things that can cause these dreadful thoughts: Thyroid imbalance, Vitamin B or D deficiency, Flu, Pneumonia, Post-partum depression, MS, Parkinson’s, Anxiety, Heart disease.

Things that can help it go away: Hydration, Good Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Community, and sometimes - like with other painful symptoms - you need a doctor and maybe medicine.

It’s not freaking freakish! 20% of us experience it every single year. 80% of us experience it in our lifetimes. Say so already! Stop freaking hiding it! The most helpful anyone can say is “When that happened to me...” - STOP. - RIGHT. - NOW.

The signs are the same - BECAUSE IT’S MEDICAL: All signs of dying - from any cause - are nearly identical. Learn them. It takes 1 minute online. ~ One of our nieces learned them and saved her neighbor’s life THE VERY NEXT DAY.

Thinking does NOT mean you have to do it. Tell it to F-off, that you have other things to do. Remind yourself - THIS IS A SYMPTOM, NOT A CHARACTER DEFECT.


To the above I would add that if people can't take correction and keep saying hurtful things - stay away from those people. I'm fairly obnoxious about it - interrupting when someone has said "committed" to day "died of." Being corrected quietly but at the time seems to get the message across without much work. I would also add that attempt survivors who are living in recovery are the rock stars of the whole effort. These are people who have survived against all odds, most times without any help, and at all times under the cloud of silence and stigma. If you're an attempt survivor and you're reading this book - BRAVO!!! I'm so glad you are alive and well!



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