No Need to Reinvent

11 Jan 2017

There’s so much FREE downloadable info here: SAMHSA. If you want to start/improve a group or out/inreach that’s mental health or suicide awareness related this site has hundreds of resources - children, faith, native, lgbtqi, elderly, etc.

A note that I posted on social media because my town had just begun to address two suicide clusters, both teen and young adult. This was the day after a huge county meeting where public health had invited community members to try and solve it together. The deal was that people were screaming their heads off but offered very few solutions - they wanted the officials to fix it, but that wasn't possible. Of course, it's possible for officials to do something, but not everything. Most of the people present were the newly bereaved, people already advocating, mental health workers, and the usual assortment of media looking for something sensational. Anyhow, I hoped that the link would help people find help on their own.


Erica KitzmanComment