Exercise Prescription & Others

18 Apr 2016

Just found this class - Exercise Prescription for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease - on FutureLearn

These courses began six months of me "testing" if I could handle a full course load. I wanted to go back to school but was uncertain if I could keep up with several classes at once. Along with the Exercise Prescription course, I also took Social Psychology, Circadian Clocks: how rhythms structure life, and Learning How to Learn: powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects. My exercise science certification class fell by the wayside, either because I am not good at science/math or because I don't care enough about science/math enough. One course I'm so grateful for, that I reviewed during this period, is The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness taught by Charmaine Williams, PhD from University of Toronto. Doing these classes gave me the confidence and determination to go to grad school.

Erica KitzmanComment