18 Nov 2017

School bond and levy 3A and 3B passed!  "These are the leaders of our future," Kitzman said. "These people are going to be running the world. They're going to be doing the heavy lifting when I'm in a nursing home, and I want them to feel supported and feel heard about what's best for their community." - Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

I was running on empty on the day that the school bond passed.  Heartbeat GJ had wanted to play a more active role in community response and I had been attending community meetings for months. Burnout is a strange animal because the momentum pushes you forward even as exhausting is dragging you back. I feel that this is what happens so often in mental health advocacy, and it's what causes people to quit and never be heard from again. Honestly that's how I felt and it took me quite some time to figure out how to change direction without running away. The burnout is what caused my turn toward going back to school and writing.


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