Books for Loss Survivors

27 Jan 2017

There are so many books written by and for loss survivors. We need books to be written by and for attempt survivors.

My grief group keeps a library of books to read for loss survivors. We use the AFSP - Books for Loss Survivors list. We also look for new books ourselves in addition to taking the advice of other grievers. At some point in my recuperation, I had to stop actively looking into suicide prevention on a personal level, because I'm not an attempt survivor and the idea is too upsetting for me to cope with on a regular basis. Still, books and pamphlets about grieving the loss of my daughter have helped so much that I wish there were more for people who have attempted and survived. There's Attempted Suicide Help for family members and friends of attempt survivors. I have come across precious few books by attempt survivors. There's a 12-step book called Suicide Anonymous that's FREE and downloadable. This one is cool because Susan Rose Blauner wrote it as a "how to" manual of sorts: How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me: One Person's Guide to Suicide Prevention


Erica KitzmanComment