72 Hr Hold (+) Senior Citizen

20 Jan 2017
Over the last 3 days I have had the privilege of being one of 5 volunteers who sat with a senior citizen after she was hospitalized w/ a suicide attempt. She freaked out when she woke up with tubes everywhere  - a common reaction in all emergent hospitalization - and even though she is only 107lbs, they told her it was the St. Mary’s protocol for the male RN and three male security hold her down and scare her senseless. I wonder... is this protocol for all seniors? Cardiac patients? Cancer patients? Or just people with mental health diagnoses? If anyone knows, please message me. I should mention here that she has had multiple arthritis surgeries and is fragile.  Also, the assigned “sitters” had not been given Mental Health First Aid or any trauma-informed training, which is an extreme training oversight. Now she’s on her way to Colorado Springs with two very nice young male officers who did not handcuff her, as there is no therapeutic stay psych care on the Western Slope. If you care about these sorts of issues, please find out what you can do to help Mind Springs build a bigger better psych hospital here in Junction. Ask the CEO of every hospital to provide compassionate trauma-informed care to our neighbors. Peace to everyone.

Here's something I left out - she wasn't provided food or water for the 7 hour trip. Nor was she told that she wouldn't be provided food or water for the 7 hour trip. I went to the gift shop and got her some snacks and bottles of water. But... really? That's just obnoxious. I'm still mad when I think about this too much.

Erica KitzmanComment