Suicide Shatters Blog

26 Oct 2014

"I keep seeing comments, posts, blogs and posters with the expression 'Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem.' I dislike this expression so much for many reasons and know many take offence to it as well.

I myself used this very glib expression with my late husband Rob once after a number of attempts. He immediately told me he found the saying to be very dismissive and condescending, not helpful at all. I took note and never said that again, to him or anyone else struggling. After learning first hand what it's like to lose someone to suicide and how offensive and hurtful this saying can be, I resolved to strike it from my vocabulary forevermore.

Suicide is not a solution that should ever be presented that way. 'Temporary Problem' in relation to suicidal thoughts and mental illness is extremely offensive and trivializes what many living with MI struggle with daily. I assure you, no one considering suicide sees their problems as temporary. To insinuate such is insulting." - From Suicide Shatters

Erica KitzmanComment