Research Priorities

6 May 2014

For the first time ever, [America] has a prioritized suicide prevention research --- FIRST TIME EVER. It's about freaking time.

In regard to the SAMHSA blog. I was still in a state of complete shock that we could be losing 40,000+ American citizens each year to suicide and these people weren't considered a priority. Back then I was still under the impression that the tragedy of loss was going to be the turning point in the conversation - that people simply did not know. Now I understand that our society is so stigmatized by suicide that we keep our heads firmly in the sand. That's okay though because now we are learning how to fight. In a few days, a legislator friend and I are getting together to write a proposal for the advancement of attempt survivor research. Not "hey why did you attempt?" research. We want comprehensive research into the life habits of healed long-term attempt survivors - just like cancer, arthritis, AIDS, and MS survivors. The survivors of any malady are the ones with the answers and we need to know how they stay alive.

Erica KitzmanComment