The Year of Thriving

29 May 2014

"2014: The Year of Thriving - DBSA welcomes 2014 with a year-long campaign, 2014: The Year of Thriving. Of course, we all want to thrive, but for us at DBSA, this idea goes far beyond just being a nice sentiment or catchy campaign theme. DBSA is changing the discussion around mental health—because we believe it is crucial to shift the focus from surviving mental health symptoms to building truly thriving lives."

 My friend says that DBSA has sold out to pharma, but I still like what they're doing in the world. What's obvious to me as I read through these old posts is that I had become enamored of thriving over surviving. I wanted more than just schlepping along in grief and emotional infirmity. I wanted to get out of relationships where I was expected to listen unconditionally to others when they didn't want to hear me. I gotta say that life is infinitely less anxiety-producing now that I have practiced thriving over surviving for the past 4 years. I do miss a couple of my lost relationships but only out of habit, not because they were adding anything to my life.

Erica KitzmanComment