1 Jan 2014

Some of my family members and friends are approaching a relationship implosion. Hard to watch.

Five of them were taking an extended workshop together which did end up crashing badly. One of them was drinking daily and not telling the others. Another one backed out of the workshop without telling the others. Another one cut off communication with a couple of the others for a whole year. It was gruesome to watch this happen. It was also hard on me as an advocate because I had to rescind my support for the workshop developers with both the BHO and NAMI. That's the thing about advocacy that I don't like - that when I give my personal support to someone or something, I'm risking other people's sanity. Of course, I know that ultimately I'm not in charge of anyone else's health and welfare. Still, I have fought hard to connect people who offer help to those who need it and I want to always use my voice to the best good - even if it's difficult for me or others.

Erica KitzmanComment