Iatrogenic Disease and Death

22 Oct 2014

Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA - I'd like to know how much of these results are from unnecessary tests that MDs are forced to order because of the insurance industry. And how much is caused from absurd exhausting work schedules that American doctors and nurses are forced to work? I'd like to know how much the insurance and pharma industries play into this?

Several of my MD and RN friends get all pissed off about patients doing web searches to try and help themselves, but how could we not? It's not a personal slam against an entire profession. With these numbers, it's simply self-protection. This is especially the case for psych patients because they are frequently put in the position of having to take meds that make them feel chronically ill. Who wants that? I inform myself and make adjustments as necessary. I have hope that the American medical system will eventually stop working MDs and RNs until they are so exhausted that they can't think.

Erica KitzmanComment