Freaked Out

16 Nov 2014

I facilitate a class once per week. It's called Alternatives to Suicide. Last week a local mental health non-profit leader came to it. The next day the director a national suicide prevention emailed me to find out what to do for her friend in Denver - the friend had a loved one in hospital after an attempt. I'm so freaked out, because shouldn't these national groups know what to do? Why contact me? Why only identify as an attempt survivor in a private class? I'm sad and discouraged, yet also determined. I'm never shutting up about suicide until there's a cure or I die. Never.

This week was the advent of my understanding that we were all flailing around as best we could. Soon after I became aware that I shouldn't be facilitating the group, because the basis of peer support is that the leader must be a peer - which I'm not in that realm.  I'm happy to say that these years later the group is still going strong yet now they have attempt survivors running the group. We are all still laboring on, each in our own area of interest and capability, and we support one another with the occasional high five as we pass one another in the halls.


Erica KitzmanComment