Writing for Mental Health

26 April 2013

"In honor of National Poetry Month, you are invited to participate in NAMI’s second annual HAIKU CONTEST! Post your haiku to this thread. The 10 haikus with the most *likes* by midnight EDT on Tuesday, April 30, will receive a complimentary copy of 'Black Daisy in a White Limousine: 77 Poems' by Yashi Brown.'

When I shared this I was in the middle of reevaluating public writing. One reason for my reevaluation is that my Crawling With Satan blog disturbed and offended so many people. It was my first notice that people saw me as someone completely different that who I become after grief. Even so, I had started to write in earnest and have not stopped. The difference is that now I only publish what has been reviewed and edited by someone else. Not because I'm embarrassed by, or regretful of, my words - but because I want to be clear about my intentions for where my words end up.

I've  always been a blurter yet after losing Kaylan I have become less able to tolerate crap and more outspoken when I encounter it. For instance, no matter how closely I'm related to someone I won't spend time hanging around where bigotry or violence is embraced. It's not necessarily that I've become more judgemental or less forgiving. I just can't freaking stand it. Being around that mess literally makes my skin crawl.
Where I used to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that someday God would melt their hardened hearts, now I stay away.

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