Advocacy to Public Policy

21 May 2013

I have learned so much about advocating for senior citizens with mental illness during the past 3 weeks. I also learned how valuable NAMI is when one needs an answer across state lines. What a gift!

The advocacy skills that I learned from NAMI have been valuable in so many situations over the years. I've been blessed by experiences such as sitting with a woman with polymyalgia through her social security hearing, with a young black man who was nervous about speaking with police, with a mom whose two-year-old child was attacked by an adult man, and a woman who was being transported from the local hospital to a city seven hours away.

Now that I'm nearing sixty-years-old, I have realized two things. 1. My energy is limited. 2. I have no fear of public advocacy. As a result of these realizations, I've decided to "go big or go home" by producing survivor radio, writing, and via research and publication. My goal is to help give other people avenues to use their voices without exhausting myself.

Erica KitzmanComment