Proud of My Dad

27 May 2013

My dad served in the U.S. Navy for the entirety of WWII. He lived a long, productive, loving life while managing PTSD and schizophrenia. I miss him.

My heart is usually happy when I think about my dad. I was the child closest to his heart - probably because I was a brat and so was he. He was my favorite parent - probably because my mom married a guy who hated my guts and I couldn't forgive her when I was younger. I am sad that I did not understand the nature of his illness until I was older. I feel that if I had, my daughter may have been able to weather hers better. Maybe if I had known she would still be alive. Regrets like these try to pull me under, but I won't let them. We can only know what we know at any given time. I simply did not know.

Erica KitzmanComment