Living a Healthy Live with Chronic Conditions

30 June 2013

Living A Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions: I'm taking this FREE class at Colorado West for the next 5 weeks on Monday afternoons. People around the western slope seem to think that CW is all about being "crazy", but it's really all about recovery.

This class was so amazing. It was taught at the local behavioral health center. The people in the group had all manner of chronic conditions, from OCD to COPD to RA to Diabetes to schizophrenia. The commonalities of recovery blew my mind! This class was a turning point in learning to deal effectively with my lifelong rheumatoid arthritis. It was also a turning point in my awareness that mental illness is often a comorbidity that comes from the trauma of living a life of pain and disability. It would be impossible for me to describe how life-changing and life-affirming this coursebook was. If you're reading this, and you have a chronic condition, you won't regret reading this book.