Compounded Grief

30 April 2013

My husband is still at the hospital with his mama. She is getting all settled in her room. My husband is a wonderful son. It's been quite a long day.

We spent the next year caring for my mother-in-law as she weakened and died. She was so worried for us. She had lost her own mama and husband within a short period of time so she knew what we were going through. Her mother's heart could not stand that we were having to lose her so soon after we lost Kaylan. Within a few months she would enter hospice care which is where we would discover that the signs of impending death are nearly identical for hospice or suicide. That pamphlet describing this would become my rallying cry gathering people to the idea that suicide is a physical process that we can stop if we recognize the signs early enough, ask the right questions, and provide or facilitate the right care.

Erica KitzmanComment