Community Action

18 April 2013

Many thanks to Mike at Putting a Face on Suicide for doing the graphics for free, and also to Natalie's family for allowing the use of her photo. We are trying hard to get the message out that mental illness accounts for 90% of self-caused deaths AND that NAMI Western Slope and Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation offer FREE training, classes, support groups and education to anyone who wants to participate. No strings attached!. Everyone is precious. Every life is necessary.

I was still so hopeful and engaged with training and prevention at this point. Don't get me wrong - I still am. But now I'm hopeful in a different way. Now I understand that most people will do precisely nothing to learn about the threat of suicide attempt in themselves or a loved one until it's too late. Truthfully this isn't much different from the way people will smoke until they get cancer or eat poorly until they get diabetes. Case in point I still eat like a teenager and both cancer and diabetes run in my family.

Anyway, my hope now is on a more broad plain. I have come to the decision that we need to be mandating long-term attempt survivor research. How are the survivors staying alive? We must ask them and we must listen closely to their answers. We must learn from the people who have walked through the fire and lived to tell the tale.

Erica KitzmanComment