Church Sadness

17 March 2013

I've been so sad for the past couple of days. Not weepy sad. Sad for humanity sad. I found out that suicide rate for differently sexed and/or gendered people is 50X higher than the next highest group, and the murder rate is 1:12. Can you imagine if blue eyed people were murdered at that rate?! Listening in church this morning, I noticed that the words "man, woman, male, female" were mentioned so many times as the only options. Why all the focus on genetalia in church? What about the fact that 1/1000 people are intersexed? I wondered how many of us sitting there had loved ones who could never "come out" to the community because the danger of physical harm is so high. Why are we as human beings still killing each other over atypical physical/psychological traits?

I had recently become acquainted with a family whose adult daughter is transgender. I'd become curious about her plight and done some light research about the topic. My heart had begun to break for these fragile individuals. Not fragile by nature - that's not what I'm saying. Fragile in the way the world treats them. Fragile because society is so nosy about their body parts than their humanness. My girl was such a sweet-hearted person who didn't judge people or condemn others. I feel like I'm absorbing her nature and that my heart is broken much more easily these days. It's painful.

Erica KitzmanComment