Butterfly Kisses

14 March 2013

Ok, I know this is a butterfly moment. This blue butterfly is the icon for a cognitive app that I downloaded to my phone and then tried to uninstall. The apps I like are available for free from Excel At Life. So ~~~ this blue butterfly WILL NOT GO AWAY. It's right between the foreheads of my son and his wife, and above my new 4-week-old grandson. I miss Kaylan. When random things like this happen I get the feeling she is here.

Kaylan always had a bug or toad or snake in her had as a child. She reminded me of a tiny St. Francis. In grief circles, butterflies are considered a sign that lost loved ones are close by. When my mama died I had a visitation by hundreds of white butterflies while I was crying by the fountain at La Purisima. Since then every time I see white butterflies I'm reminded of my mama. Same with praying mantis and Kaylan. This it was a butterfly that brought her close to my heart. I don't care if it's superstition or visitation. I love when these fly-bys happen and I enjoy the love and joy that I feel in the moment.

Erica KitzmanComment