5Ks Anyone?

28 May 2013

"Suicide is the only killer that fails to inspire celebrity PSAs, 5K fun runs, and shiny new university centers for study and treatment. That has to change. We need to get it in our heads that suicide is not easy, painless, cowardly, selfish, vengeful, self-masterful, or rash. And once we get all that in our heads at last, we need to let it lead our hearts.” ~ Thomas Joiner

Exactly. I have probably said this already in my diary, but it bears repeating - We won't ever find a cure unless we start studying how survivors are staying alive! Sheesh. Third party psychological autopsies are the bare minimum to finding out what was happening on the outside when someone attempted and died. We need first hand survivor research. The lack of research into what's keeping attempt survivors alive is criminal.

Erica KitzmanComment