Systemic Bigotry re Mental Health

1 March 2013

I have a diagnosed mental illness as do many people in my family and friend group. My illness is anxiety. This entry is reversed because it talks about media stars' specific statements about people with mental illness that are based on bald lies. Mental illness should NEVER be politicized, used to sensationalize stories in order to make money for TV and radio people, and it should certainly not be considered a partisan issue. Suicide is a nonpartisan killer. The quotes below are just plain nonsense. There evidence for "crazy" people being dangerous is the opposite of that the media portrays. We are no more dangerous to others than any other demographic, i.e. doctor, ditch digger, clergy, athiest, black, white, etc. What we ARE more likely to be is victim of violence and suicide. If you don't believe me, go to the NAMI, NIMH, SAMHSA, AFSP, AAS, or any other research based suicide prevention center. Don't get punked by people who are reliant on your money to stay famous. That's my advice.

According to Rush Limbaugh I am not reliable enough to speak to the public.
~~ "We ought to do background checks on these people to see which of them are mentally ill, and, if they are, deny them access to the public airwaves and the newspapers as so-called news reporters or journalists 'cause they're dangerous."

Nor should I own a gun according to Ann Coulter

Wow ~~~ witch hunt much?!? And we wonder why people do not want to seek treatment for mental illness.


Erica KitzmanComment