Family Trees

24 March 2013

Check out this article - "Bipolar Disorder & Genetics: Passed Down Through The Family Tree: Generation to generation, family members observe and reflect on patterns of bipolar."At first, this sounds scary, but knowing makes it possible to place focus on teaching kids resiliency.

When I wrote this I had not been rediagnosed yet. For 15 years or so I was diagnosed with bipolar-unspecified, and then rediagnosed as having a naturally energetic personality with severe anxiety and PTSD. The combination caused me to have cycles of insomnia and exhaustion which led to periodic severe depressions. As soon as the new diagnosis came out of the psychiatrist's mouth everything fell into place. There are still some nights that I have insomnia yet the self-care practices that I've learned have eliminated most of my previous angst. I exercise at least an hour per day - walking, gardening, or swimming laps, don't drink caffeine after noon, do a short meditation each morning - most times the body-scan or loving-kindness which are both free on youtube, and when something freaks me out I try to talk to my family about it before my thoughts (PTSD reactions) get out of control. There are so many cool apps, videos, and audios available for learning to calm down. It takes daily commitment, but it's not very time-consuming at all. 

Erica KitzmanComment