Silver Linings



30 Jan 2013

It's sad that people are so afraid of mental illness when so many of us have it. It's not the dark ages people. It's 2013. The Silver Linings Playbook - such an amazing movie.

The era of mental illness themed movies is upon us. It's validating to see that people have begun to come out of hiding. I was reading my DNA materials last night and was so surprised to learn that openness and extroversion are personality traits that go hand in hand with schizophrenia. I loved hanging around with my dad because he was so friendly and outgoing! He could talk to anyone and wasn't afraid of going new places. As a matter of fact he traveled extensively and as often as he possibly could. His passports, new and old, had stamps from all over the world.

In regard to the issue of extreme mental illness, and contrary to what the media says, mental illness accounts for a small fraction of violent behavior.  Read NAMI research on violence to get the research on this topic.  I wonder if this is the reason we see people with schizophrenia avoiding eye contact and talking to themselves - because they have let too many people too close for too long and have been hurt. 


Erica KitzmanComment