31 Jan 2013

Signed up for Peer-to-Peer facilitator training in Denver this summer!

Peer Pride! This was big news for me because I'd spent my whole life being committed to seeming "not as crazy" as my dad. I wasn't embarrassed by my dad. He was my closest friend until he died when I was 38. I did feel stigmatized - both by myself and the world at large - by having mental illness, which I had come to know as nonsense. This is an area of shame that I have around my parenting. I'm absolutely sure that my own stigma around the topic of psychiatric distress was damaging to my sweet daughter. This is an area in which I can become pointlessly guilty. It's pointless because there's nothing I can do to help her now. What I can do is to not feel guilty about my own health challenges, to not hide my own struggles with anxiety, and to advocate for a stigma-free perspective. I can "be the change" in other words.


Erica KitzmanComment