Only the Clumsy

23 Feb 2013
Why yes I did skin both my knees on the bottom of the pool at 7'3". It takes great skill to be that clumsy.

Something only a clumsy person would relate to. This is definitely something that I would have called to tell my girl and she would have laughed like crazy. I come from a clumsy family and, even though my kids and I are/were of athletic natures, my daughter was maybe the most clumsy of all. She moved through the world with a smooth gliding grace yet her clumsiness was the hilarious prat-fall kind. She caused clumsiness as she moved through the world because people were taken by her ridiculous beauty and frequently crashed into things while trying not to stare. Although this will sound weird to the non-clumsy person reading this diary, I miss us telling each other about weird bruises that arrived on us without remembering how they happened. I find that yearning is odd in it's manifestations.

Erica KitzmanComment