My Angel's Music

28 Feb 2013

I've been reading a book that came to be this week. This woman writes my feelings. Lots of times during intense grief it's been my habit to look at photos, writings, etc.. of these people I love. The other night I started out at Kaylan's YouTube channel, but instead of watching her play her own music - I decided to watch her favorited videos instead. Lots are no longer available, but one brought back her raucous sense of humor to me. I love technology, and I unashamedly admit to stalking my kids' posts online.

There was a time I did not know if technology after a loss was a blessing or a curse. Now I'm firmly on the side of it being a blessing. I have loved being able to see Kaylan's photos and contributions on different sites such as Flickr, Youtube, myspace, etc. Most of these have timed out and are no longer available, but it was fun while it lasted.



Erica KitzmanComment