Happy Sad Times

29 March 2013

My son is playing guitar for his baby boy. It's making me cry for him and me and the baby. Baby E won't know his grandpa or his auntie. I f'ing hate death. Hate the anxiety, loneliness, and depression that causes substance misuse.. HATE that people don't believe it's a real illness. Hate that people think it's their own fault. Dammit. I'm so mad and sad today.

There's a brain bank in the UK - an actual storage of frozen brains. The brains are sliced into micro-thin pieces and studied for all kinds of reasons, addiction among them. 23&Me is also finding genetic markers for predispositions to alcoholism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, or the ability to metabolize certain vitamins. In my lifetime I hope to see science and self-reporting of lifestyle attributes be combined to save people from self-harm. 


Erica KitzmanComment