Why Police all need CIT

October 15, 2012 at 3:17pm
Today I read an article about a kid at an Alabama college who took acid, went to police for help - naked, and within 30 seconds was shot dead

In the years after this event, I have become aware that there is special training for police officers called Crisis Intervention Training, and that my town has a lot of officers who have taken this training. From NAMI training I learned that when we call emergency for a mental health crisis we need to say the words "mental health crisis" three times so that the dispatcher will know who to send. This loss hit me so hard, because my dad lived for decades with periodic psychosis. He had wicked shell shock from serving the entirety of WWII on an aircraft carrier. He served with distinction. What if he had seemed scary to a poorly trained officer with a gun? I feel for the mothers after a tragedy - always the mothers. I know how the dead man's mama feels. I can only imagine how the officer's mama must grieve for her own child's loss of innocence. 

Erica KitzmanComment