Our Own Terms

23 November 2012

Here I am again.... thinking back as always. At some point do people just get to live life on their own terms? Even if I don't like the consequences? For instance, just because I think that antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety meds is what people should take if they're ill, not everyone thinks that. My girl tried them when she was young and hated the side effects. At what point can we give people kudos for living their lives how they saw fit? I mean, she had nasty depression from age 11 to when she died at 25. She knew that therapy, meds, not drinking, support groups, and exercise helped many of us in our family. She was extremely intelligent, well traveled, and highly educated. Is there ever a time I get to say she lived life on her own terms, and I respect that? Lots of people do whatever everyone else tells them to, and they die young as well... know what I'm saying? I am so proud of my kids. They grew up to be passionate about the world.

I still feel that people should not be forced to take medicine. I wouldn't want to go back to the days when people were chemically lobotomized in asylums. Still, I wish there had been something that would have helped her. I wish...

Erica KitzmanComment