Grief is Natural: Self-Care? Not so much.

15 Sep 2012

I came across a University of Florida bereavement publication that gives advice for end of life care for the dying, and it is nearly identical as after death care for the bereaved. It talks about the importance of healthy self-care.

Grief is a personal process and has no average timeline. Some people remember dates and some don't. Some grieve out loud and some don't. Some want company in their grief and some don't. 

The most important thing for me to remember is that I'm not bizarre for missing my daughter so much. I am not freakish for developing complicated grief. I am not a failure because I am sad to have lost my child.

I realize that my out-loud grief, advocacy on mental health and postvention, and general weirdness affect people strongly: however, my grief is my grief and if it bothers other people they have choices. I realize that their choice may revolve around limiting their exposure to me, and that's okay.


Erica KitzmanComment