DNA of Depression

19 October 2012

I used to follow a blog called Mother of a Child with Mental Illness, but today it's gone. I'm bummed because there was a video about the Amen clinic that I wanted to watch.

Here's the truth of things in my family: My daughter died of suicide after living for years with cycles of crippling depression; I have had four bouts of major depression and live with anxiety; all of my siblings have mental illness to some degree; my dad lived with mental illness; as far as I can tell there has been mental illness and/or substance misuse in my family for generations. Several of us also have severe autoimmune disease, some have severe IBS, and most have diabetes. Are we genetically flawed? Do we have crap life skills? Both? I fervently hope that by the time my grandkids grow up there are some real medical answers for these questions.

Erica KitzmanComment