Death vs. Beauty

18 October 2012
Transcending Loss: Understanding the lifelong impact of grief - "Death cannot ever erase the beauty, the love, and the connection that you have with your dear one. Whether the end was violent, or painful or traumatic, it cannot overcome the goodness that existed in your relationship. Keep your attention focused on that goodness and that beauty."

This is hard. Focusing on the beauty of the 25 years, sixteen days, and eight hours spend with my daughter is somethimes a dreadful gift. The beauty is smudged with my grief over losing my daughter for her grief of losing her baby - and my grief over losing my first grandchild. Nevertheless after I am finished writing this memoir I will write one for my son - of his life; where we lived, what we did, and who we spent time with. His dad and sister are gone, so I am the last remember for him.

Erica KitzmanComment