World Suicide Prevention Day

10 September 2012

Remembering Kaylan & Cindy.  World Suicide Prevention Day 2012. NO MORE SECRETS!

Maybe I'll burn candles on September 10th this year as I did for several years after. Today I feel defeatist about public gestures; mostly because I fear that, no matter how much I work, the vast majority of others may keep their heads buried in the proverbial sand. Suicide is a terrifying topic, which I know because I see it in people's faces every time the subject comes up. I wonder what percentage of the population takes CPR? I am certain that MHFA amounts to less. I never took any prevention classes or seminars before my loss. I feel that awareness is turning toward a more "we" vs. "them" mindset, and I hope that with that change will come more willingness to participate in a "we" solution. I hope. That's the point.

Erica KitzmanComment