Suicide Anonymous

9 September 2012

 After 24+ years in recovery, this makes sense to me in concept, but I can't relate to the addictive aspect of suicidal thinking.

Somehow I'd become aware of a 12-step group for people who suffer from suicidal thinking. I started an S.A. group at a local community center and the people who went - who had actually suffered from suicidal thinking - seemed to like the group. After a while we lost our meeting place and, since I am fortunate not to suffer from suicidal thinking, I suggested someone else lead the group. Nobody wanted to, so we didn't meet anymore. It was an enlightening time for me though, because I learned two things: 1. I can't speak to what I don't understand. 2. My own issues with codependence were no longer outweighing my instinct that I couldn't "fix" other people's addictions.

Erica KitzmanComment