Tutu Day 2012

31 July 2012
My thoughts are to meet for breakfast at Main St. Cafe around 8:45 for breakfast, then the splash pad until the kids are worn out? I'll buy the Two Egg Tuesday special -
2 eggs, potatoes, and toast - for anyone who shows up in a tutu. Guys, feel free to wear an armband tutu of some sort if you don't want to wear a full-on tutu. Update -  We gave out 24 info packets. 2 people had lost loved ones to suicide, 1 lives very successfully with mental illness hisownself (but has been alone!), and 1 has a daughter suffering with postpartum depression. Our age range today is 20 months to 75.5 years, represented here by 26 friends & family members. Wonder if we can hit 50 next year? Round one tutu'ing this morning, TV interview this afternoon, Skyping with Will, meeting with my new Co-chair of peer support for the coalition, swimming with my sister, now waiting for the next round of tutu'ing to begin at the park.

That day was lovely and thoroughly exhausting. We held tutu day events for five years and then I had to stop. It became too hard to share my baby's birthday with strangers. Now I reserve the day for myself - for being alone or not; or staying in bed or not; or whatever I feel like doing. For now this is what feels right. 

Erica KitzmanComment