Harvard Study on Pain Meds and Antidepressants

17 June 2012
"About one-third of people with depression are unable to find relief with antidepressants, even after trying several drugs" - Harvard Mental Health Letter

I read an article in the Jewish World Review that talks about the possibility that NSAIDs and acetaminophen may reduce the efficacy of antidepressants. This was such a weird concept for me to comprehend, but then I started thinking about how narcotics can cause depression for some people. Lots of people won't take medicine because the side effects are sometimes so harsh. It's frustrating for me because I feel that we've lost 50 years by not doing physical research on mental illnesses. I'm grateful for all the new science though. Better late than never, and hopefully lives are already being saved by this newer scientific research.

Erica KitzmanComment