Resilient Grieving

12 May 2012
Three random FB posts from Mother's Day week:
1. Successfully navigated the NYC subway all by myself this evening.
2. It is impossible to feel sad with my family giving me flowers and brown sugar scrub all day.
3. This weekend I wish I had a magic bus to drive away into a magic land to do magic things. My whole family and best friends would all be there.

This year - 2018 - I am learning resilient grieving. I want to get "well" from my grief. I want to turn away from guilt and sadness and live in gratitude for the family I have here and the time I had with my daughter. I want to have faith in God again; real pray-all-day faith, like I had before she died. I want to be out in the world with friends and family; not just in my function as an advocate.

Erica KitzmanComment