4 Feb 2012
I read this in GriefShare today: Relief - Day 87
"Relief is also a common emotion associated with grief, especially if your loved one was in pain or suffering." ~~~ I personally feel great relief to know my child is no longer suffering, maybe even more so because I didn't know the severity of her illness. Through all the phases I've been through this past year, relief for her has been the one constant emotion I've felt.

The longer I live after her loss, the more I wish for her to come back. Isn't that odd? It's as if I can't remember the relief of knowing she was released from her suffering. It's as if my selfishness has overtaken my common sense. I guess this is a phase that I'll wonder about in another seven years. I wonder - Will I be writing another memoir at that time? If so, I hope it's about joy. I hope it's about going back to school and writing novels. I hope I'm not sad.


Erica KitzmanComment