Taking a Breather

6 March 2018

This is hard writing, so I am taking a break from the book between the first and second years of my grief journey story.

Writing is becoming a catalyst for turning myself away from in-person advocacy and into encouragement and writing for change. When Kaylan died I was just past fifty-one years old and now I'm approaching sixty. I feel that I've learned all I can about how to find mental health and postvention support and education. I've moved into a new area of interest now - resiliency.

Today my self-compassion action was to download the Greater Good Podcast and delete the news podcasts. I have also begun to design my own moving meditation garden which has the added bonus of working in healing dirt. Combined with playing with grandsons, these resiliency strategies should work well to get me through the home stretch of finishing my thesis.

I'll start writing this book again in a week. Peace, Erica


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