Putting A Face on Suicide

Putting a Face on Suicide is an international effort started by one dad who lost his son to suicide. It is an in-your-face pushback against being expected to hide our loved one's faces, lives, and stories. My NAMI group helped me to collaborate with my local behavioral health organization, and Dr. Quinett who created QPR, to create some flyers and banners to show around town. Instead of simply giving the person's name and dates, we included specific info postpartum psychosis, PTSD, bipolar, and other maladies - along with a list of how to prevent a suicide - on each graphic. It was very hard for people to look at the hundreds of faces on each graphic, but it definitely started a conversation. And the suicide rate dropped drastically in the year after the program. Was it related to the PAFOS graphics around the community? There's no way to tell, but I believe in my heart that it did help. Kaylan is included in Day 5 on PAFOS. Now the project is up to Day 33. I hope that suicide is cured very soon, because seeing the days progress breaks my mama heart.

23 Feb 2012

Going to take PAFOS to the county tomorrow am. Wish me luck!

Erica KitzmanComment