No Stigma!

I clearly remember feeling outraged and distressed when I learned that Marsha Linehan was taking flack simply for daring to live well with mental illness, and OH MY GOD she had even researched and developed a highly effective recovery method! I still cringe when I think about the idea that some people think that a cancer survivor couldn't be a cancer doctor - oh, wait... that's not the issue. There is so much bizarre bigotry against people who live with mental illness it just blows my mind. No wonder people avoid seeking care. What can we do? Shout to the heavens I guess, which is what I'm doing by writing about my own experience.

30 May 2012

I read an article today about Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., who invented Dialectic Behavior Therapy. She "came out" last year with mental illness, and now some researchers think her work might be invalid because of her illness. Why?


Erica KitzmanComment