Mental Health: A Meaningless Moniker?

NAMI was the start of my path to learning about mental illness, mental wellness, and mental & emotional resilience. As I sit here writing this blog post, I am aware that it is six years later and I have only begun to practice a fraction of resilience practices. Rereading the article I posted more than six years ago, I am reminded that we tend to judge the current generation by the measure of our own. How will kids develop resilience in the age of constant screening? I don't know, and to tell the truth I'm grateful not to need to know.

24 February 2012

Douglas LaBier writes - "If you google 'mental health,' most of what comes up describes mental illness, not mental health. Both practitioners and researchers focus more on understanding and treating emotional disturbance than on describing what health is or how to build it."




Erica KitzmanComment