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For a few years we wore tutus on Kaylan's birthday and held fun public events to hand out mental health and suicide postvention flyers. Last year - in 2017 - I could not participate. I was too sad, but it was still wonderful to see the other family and friends post photos of their celebrations. Katie's webpage is one of the lovely outreaches of International Wear a Tutu Day.

1 August 2012
Kaitie started a wordpress site for tutu day. Love you Kaitie <3

Here's what International WEAR A TUTU Day is all about:

In celebration of Kaylan's vibrant and loving life, people everywhere are invited to wear a tutu on her birthday. ♥ We wear armband, short, or long tutus... personal choice! ♥

When people ask the inevitable question ~

"Why are you all wearing TUTUs?"

~ we will tell them about our loss. Many of us hand out flyers about our various mental wellness and suicide awareness pursuits.

Our goal is to further the cause of raising awareness that mental illnesses are not character defects, and that recovery is the norm and not the exception.

We challenge stigma in a serious yet celebratory manner.

While we miss her, we are not embarrassed by mental illness or the fact that Kaylan died of hers.

We know there is a cure, and we want to be part of the conversation that leads to finding it.

Kaylan Rose is missed. She is in our hearts. She was necessary to our lives, and we continue to suffer her loss, as we also celebrate our brief time with her. ♥

Everyone is invited to celebrate her birthday with us each July 31st. ♥

All we ask is that you do it in public with a spirit of combating the stigma [shame imposed by others] of experiencing suicidal thinking.


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