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I started going to a bible based grief group around this time. It seemed like I was way too crazy and way too sad for being a year into my grief. I was the only one there who'd lost a child. I was the only one there who'd lost someone to suicide. At this point I was able to eat food without gagging, but I still didn't have much appetite. I didn't want to smoke or drink or gamble or shop or do anything else that was destructive. None of that. My grief was complicated though I didn't know it yet. I wouldn't know that for at least another year - maybe more. I only went to three of these groups. I was losing my love for my religion but didn't know that yet either.

28 Feb 2012
Day 111

Compulsive Behaviors Hinder Healing from a GriefShare email:

Dr. H. Norman Wright says, "The person who has a tendency toward any kind of compulsive behavior or addiction might see this come to the forefront even more so during grief."

Along with drug and alcohol abuse and excessive diet habits and activity, other compulsive behaviors associated with grief include anger and violence. You may have found that you will submit yourself to anything to escape the pain of grief.

These behaviors may temporarily sedate the pain, but they will hinder and even block your healing.

It is wise to take some time to mediate and pray about your compulsive behavior, and identify whether or not your behavior is grief-induced or if you have been struggling with this problem for much longer. If you have a compulsive behavior that is out of your control, please seek help through your place of worship or community organization such as a hospice grief center. You must learn to cope with and heal from this behavior so that you can heal from your grief.

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