A Composer's State of Mind?

Of all the stupid crap people said about Kaylan after she died, this one is on my list of most stupid. A piano teacher friend of a family member listened to her compositions and said that he could tell how tortured she was by listening to her music. I thought F*** YOU, but did not say that out loud. The one and only thing that guy knew about my daughter is that she (a) wrote songs and played them on her own piano, and (b) she died of suicide. He had no idea that she had been writing songs since she was 12 years old - so more than half her life at the time she died. He had no idea that she wrote when she was happy, not sad. I hate it when people think they have to say something profound instead of keeping their mouth's shut like they should.

30 May 2012·

Attention musicians - can you tell from listening to a piece of music what mood the composer was in at the tine she/he wrote it? I cannot.



Erica KitzmanComment