Thoughts on Alcohol *

9 May 2011
To my online grief group.

I have been thinking this morning about how dangerous alcohol is to society. Admittedly only 10% of the population has a personal problem with it but it wreaks havoc on everyone else. I made the mistake of believing that since recovery was possible for me and many other members of my family that it would be possible for my daughter. But when the authorities had a chance to support her in a productive way they did exactly the opposite. Since she was beautiful and talented and hard working, so she was not made to seek treatment. What is wrong with our system? It makes me cry.

...and another thought is this. Maybe if seeking treatment for mental illness and addictive issues was not viewed as so weird and shameful more people would seek it. I remember that the diabetic and epileptic kids were often considered "weird and crazy" when I was in grade school and that as thankfully changed. Can mental illness and addiction ailments maybe be seen someday as treatable medical problems? I pray this every day.

 ...Lots of EU countries give life skills courses to people with addiction diseases. I also think if America made drunk driving a felony that more people would take it more seriously like in Canada. But here I am just preaching to the choir I know... But its been on my mind.
...People can't just "do" diabetes or MS by themselves. It's ignorance that causes the danger.




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