Public Advocacy is a Hopeful Activity

31 March 2012

Our local Heartbeat leaders talking about the Mesa County suicide prevention summit this Saturday. I love them both so much.  Today I left a fundraiser early and felt very weird about it, but that was the deal with the store. Two hours, two chairs, two representatives. PAFOS families were invited to : please tag your loved ones if you want, and know that I took everyone on a thumb drive and the reel ran the entire morning. Peace and love to everyone here.

Something we loss survivors are told is that if we grieve out loud for our loved ones - in the wrong way - that we will cause other people to die of suicide. Still, we do it all wrong; we get together and share photos and memories. We constantly talk about our people and how wonderful they were. We suffer out loud. As far as I know, none of us here in my area have attempted - even after decades of grieving out loud.
















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