Peer Support Training

27 April 2012

In Re: Finnish Open Dialogue: High recovery rates leave many psychiatric beds empty - This program has come upon a "cure" for schizophrenia. Maybe this explains the ability of some people to live productive lives like my dad did.

Sometimes I like looking back through my first grief years and sometimes not. I had forgotten when I started Peer Support training at my local Behavioral Health Org. The Open Dialogue project was my window into the world of peer support worldwide and how important the words "When that happened to me" are when relating to someone who is suffering. This training came during my time facilitating NAMI classes, and the readings and videos filled in some of the gaps that NAMI classes don't have time to expand upon. 

Here's a good point to mention that most of my classmates were people who lived with severe mental illnesses. It was there that I discovered the true nature of peer support past a 12-step program. I would say that this is the era in my grief where I began to be curious again; still furious at my daughter's death and the idiocy of society around psychiatric symptoms. Curious was a big step beyond (figurative) screaming rage.


Erica KitzmanComment